It’s time for women to regain control of their bodies.

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Today, I went to the doctor for my annual wellness physical. I am 40, enjoy good health, get plenty of rest, and moderate exercise. I eat reasonably well and maintain a healthy weight, although I have been known to plate up two handfuls of Oreos paired with a glass of milk and call it dinner. We all have our vices! I do not drink much, do not smoke, and do not abuse any sort of drug, illegal or prescribed.

My annual visits to the doctor typically go smoothly, but now and then an extra test is required. …

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Re-evaluating priorities could save your sanity and eliminate that “drowning feeling

As a natural-born planner, problem solver/fixer, and Type A personality, I regularly have a to-do list formulated for the upcoming week by Sunday evening. Procrastination is not in my nature, so once I identify a task, I feel an overwhelming urge to accomplish it as soon as possible, sometimes at any cost!

Typically, I bundle errands based on proximity and try my best to sprinkle tasks throughout the week so as not to become overwhelmed. A midweek “off day” is also imperative to keep the anxiety at bay.


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The best part of Christmas is the vibe

I am not a typical Christmas fan. In fact, I might like Thanksgiving better than Christmas. Thanksgiving has the ah-maz-ing food and the family and social aspects combined with an anticipation of the remaining portion of the holiday season on the horizon.

I grew up in the northern part of the United States, so it was not uncommon to have a white Christmas each year. Childhood Christmases included a calendar filled with the usual elementary school art projects, Christmas concerts and plays, and classroom parties on the last school day of the year. I enjoyed all of those routines much…

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Necessary role reversals between parents and child are difficult to navigate

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence as parents age and their health declines.

My dad turns 70 in a few months. He has had numerous health issues throughout his adult life. I will not bore you with the full list, but the shortlist includes:

· lifelong epilepsy

· two strokes

· a broken back.

The lifelong epilepsy is definitely the main culprit of his diminishing mental capacity. He was diagnosed with epilepsy as a child, and in those days, doctors commonly prescribed phenobarbital. It is a barbiturate that meddles with the nervous system. Newer drugs have been developed, and…

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I finally understand the desire for it

I remember my mother saying many times that she wished life would get back to basics. She longed for simplicity and told anyone who would listen. She didn’t like the dishwasher, she deemed the automatic windows and door locks on the car too fussy, and refused to subscribe to call waiting. We will not even discuss her thoughts on Windows 3.1 and AOL.

When I was a teenager, back in the days when my mother knew nothing, in my esteemed opinion, I would roll my eyes when she wished out loud for a simpler existance. …

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I refuse to be a sell-out in my business

One of my biggest motivators to quit corporate employment was to extract myself from a near-constant requirement to do inauthentic things in exchange for a paycheck.

I was never asked to do anything grossly unethical or immoral, but some of my duties in former jobs were teetering on that edge too closely for my comfort.

My major peeve was performing the role of the spin doctor. Perhaps it was my high school history teacher’s fault. During our lessons on World War II, she connected the term “spin doctor” to Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany. …

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Excess is the antithesis of happy

The most important thing I have realized in my late 30’s is that I am very content and often, happy with my life, as mundane as it may be. Contentment and happiness, from what I have observed by being a citizen of the world, are increasingly uncommon. That is very sad and somewhat disturbing to me. I am lucky to have found contentment and happiness, but there is a secret:

I choose to be content and happy, and I work at it every day.

Choosing to think and reframe experiences positively is the bulk of the work. It may sound…

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Cleanliness and air space are finally en vogue

Like many people, I have anxiety. During my recent annual wellness visit, my doctor asked if I was experiencing more anxiety due to the pandemic. My honest answer was no, overall, I am feeling less anxious.

Pre-pandemic era, I was always on high alert in public. I do not like large crowds and have never been comfortable when strangers stand within arm’s reach of me. Amusement parks, sporting events, and even busy restaurants were overwhelming to me. Crowded airplanes and subway stations ratcheted up my anxiety levels considerably. Now, these situations are all but eliminated. I took a trip that…

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Otherwise you are wasting everyone’s time

Twice, I have applied for a position, successfully completed the interview rounds, and received an offer. This means that two companies dedicated their labor resources to review my resume, allotted hiring managers’ time to talk to me, and allowed human resources to draft an offer for me.

Only twice, you ask, possibly assuming I’ve only ever had two job offers?!

No, friend. I mean twice this process has unfolded only to culminate in me quietly laughing at their offer and then politely declining it because the salary was unacceptable to me.

My next step was to start the job hunt…

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Saying “No” is My Secret Tactic

True story, according to my mother, my first spoken word was “no.” I am not a person you would label a “follower” if you were from my generation, which hovers on the border of X and Millennial. Closer to Gen X, if you must know.

Still, when you are a planner and Type A, like me, sometimes, or more precisely, about 15 times each hour, you weigh every decision you make very carefully. I weigh the potential outcome of saying “no” as much as I weigh the outcome of saying “yes.” …

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